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Brand Campaign, Digital/Social

"Best of 2021"

Year-end Campaign

Style Theory's 2021 Year-End Campaign, was to showcase their top range of popular outfits, not forgetting to highlight and uncover the Best of 2021. A year of canceling celebrations, but never canceling celebrating. This December, in honor of a year like no other, we want to celebrate your newfound resilience, small wins, and the most heartfelt moments. We also want to be there not just for the good #OOTD times, but for the growing pains of being better versions of ourselves, and the difficult conversations on how it feels to brave through uncertain times too.⁠


The Campaign Visuals

In order to highlight the idea of celebrating this December, we wanted to showcase a balance of sorts. Therefore the creative direction of the visuals was in various themes; Partying Like No Other, Self Care with Hobbies, and chilling out. 

Partying Like No Other


As the name says; the visuals showcase Partying and letting loose and going all out. but we figured why not take it up a notch, why can't we have something crazy fun? That's why the rollerblades, wine, and dancing came into play to capture the true essence of letting loose.

Self-Care day

Gardening & Painting

Plants, painting, and all the Ps to start your self-care journey. We created themes around these two hobbies for their simplicity and aesthetic nature. Its highlights and empowers the idea of self-care by taking time off for oneself and enjoying the chillness of the hobby.

Chill Out

Lazying around, reflecting, and snacking is the best way to chill out. The creative direction was for the visuals to convey calmness but at the same time fun in their own element.