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by Dominic Chin

Personal Branding, Image Making

“There must be a way, you still hear my voice in your space.”

'HERE' (2019) by Dominic Chin is a touching tribute to his late Grandmother, as he expresses his deep longing to sing one final song for her.

The song's poignant lyrics, "There must be a way, you still hear my voice in your space," inspired the album's art concept. The image depicts a red telephone stretching down from the heavens, symbolizing a lifeline that bridges the gap between this world and the next. This visual adds depth and emotion to the listening experience, inviting reflection on staying connected to lost loved ones.

The red landline also symbolizes love, home & bloodline which is what his grandmother resonates with him. The song also starts with a recorded memo from his grandma on the landline which binds this whole art direction together. 

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