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Probiotic-Mood Snacks

The world's first probiotic-mood snack is a fusion of local Singaporean heritage developed by food scientists at ASMARA. Kickstarting these snack series are; Honey Mustard Protein Crisp, Secret Formula Papadam, Sichuan Mala Papadam, and Citron Pistachio Biscotti.

The demographic for the snack series was suitable for a wide age group. Thus we seek to create a direction to be inclusive for all, family-friendly, and suitable snacks in everyone's home.

Packaging Design

The designs are meant to be bold and vibrant which are reflective of its flavors. These paired with an animal character and color from each flavor ensured each packaging stands out uniquely among itself and its competitors. 

The characters were more than just animals, they each have a fusion of their origin which is represented through their clothing and the type of animal the character is; (insert a brief description of how the character design corresponds to the flavour of the protein snack - e.g. the flavours of the protein crisps compliments the design of the characters)

Variations of the characters were drafted and designed to ensure the appropriate symbolization of the culture and theme before settling on the final design. Not forgetting the patterns on the background were designed with culturally inspired symbols to give depth and texture to the design.

Brand Visuals

Besides the design of the packaging, a series of brand visuals had to be curated for ASAMRA's launch and activation of the snacks. We asked besides the common visuals how could we create hype, and mystery around the launch.

We incorporated human elements into the visuals to transcend cultural inclusivity around the various cultural fusion of the snacks. The outfits and colors were creatively directed to match the characters and their elements. By doing so we curated a series of visuals that can stand out from the masses and clutter making it visually eye-catching. 

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