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Chinese New Year 2023
Pineapple, Cookie & Yusheng Series

For Kele's 2023 CNY Visual branding, we had to create visual assets to be used in the matter of print & digital for their Pineapple, Cookies & Yusheng series. We thought; is there a way for the visuals to stand out from the masses avoiding the standard theme of CNY.


The earth tone mix Japanese zen garden theme was chosen to represent the prestigious of the brand; as it was voted the best pineapple tart in Singapore. 

Pineapple Series

To balance the entire series and enhance the visual look of the different flavors, textured elements were added. Providing a natured-inspired Japanese zen garden theme and ensuring the brand visuals stay ontop and different from its competitor's brand. 

Cookie Series

The cookies series had non-traditional CNY snacks, thus the creative direction incorporated distinct ingredients for the consumers to better understand the visuals. To balance the colours and textured we curated the visuals to lean toward woody elements for it to stand out as well. 

Yusheng x NewMoon

Screenshot 2023-02-09 at 9.31.22 PM.png

Kele Yusheng x NewMoon

For Kele's Yusheng collaboration with NewMoon Abalone, we wanted to ensure both elements had a balance thus a more minimalistic creative direction was chosen paired together with a single-tone color going back to the roots of oriental. 

cny kele 23232-02.png

Kele CNY Pineapple Pouch

Part of Kele's 2023 CNY brand visuals was also the launch of their new Pineapple Pouch. We asked; how could we turn a simple pouch into something of class and luxury ensuring the visual would captivate their customers with this must-have product.


The overall theme was earth-tone & Japanese zen-inspired, thus the creative direction was set to create a Japanese theme garden to highlight and elevate the pouch. 

Screenshot 2023-02-09 at 9.31.55 PM.png
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