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Content Branding, Digital/Social

Not one, not two, but a whopping four new cocktail menus.
Sin & Misery, Brenda’s, Halogen, 28 HongKong Street

28 HongKong Street curated its new 4-part menu, featuring drinks inspired by 4 very different concepts – Sin & Misery at the Oldham, Brenda’s Bad Hand, Halogen, and the namesake 28 Hong Kong Street. Each theme represented its own element, therefore the creative direction of the visuals was curated to stand out uniquely on its own. We provided our expertise in the area of creative direction and image making of the visuals for digital and print usages. 


A bright, vibrant nightclub where the music is loud and the drinks are louder. Eye-catching cocktails based on the drinks of the "Dark age" of Fine Drinking of the 1980s-90s. A focus on white spirits and "tongue in cheek" versions of well known club drinks updated with modern craft and ingredients.

With the theme centered around nightclubs, music, and clubbing, the creative direction was curated for the visuals to be captured with class and elegance. A play on light, dark strong colors and subtle atmospheric smoke was also added to the visual to enhance the aesthetic and dept of the visuals.  

BRENDA's Bad Hand Bar

A down-home life country music venue focusing on American whiskey, agave spirits, beers and riffs on whiskey classics and simple "dive bar" drinks inspired by the flavours of the American South. Traditional serves of whiskey and boilermaker pairings are a highlight, as well as a large range of American whiskies.

The idea of cowboys, country bar theme, and honky tonk inspired the visuals of BRENDA's Bad Hand Bar. The creative direction used textured and various kick-nacks that one would see decked out in a bar of such.